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These LEEDY drums have all been meticulously restored TO PLAY! Brought back to playing condition with refinished shells, re-plated Lugs, updated hoops, modern heads, Snares and bearing edges worked. The toms all feature DW RIM's mounting systems. Select toms, snares and bass drums have internal May AE microphone systems permanently installed.

I'll apologize if these modifications offend the vintage Leedy collector purists. The majority of these drums in my collection were in non-playable condition collecting dust when I found them, and look where they are now - being used in live and recording situations.

Established in 1895, the 40's and 50's Leedy drums feature old-world maple shells with reinforcement hoops. Nobody has the ability to manufacture new shells in this tradition. These drums simply sound amazing!

Snare Inventory:

LEEDY: (Depth x Diameter)
7x14 Broadway 1941 Red w/ DW strainer & Stick Saver Rims
7x15 Broadway 1954 Bone Pearl, Orig. Strainer & Chopper Rims
5x14 Shelly Mann 1960's COB, P-85 Strainer & Stick Saver Rims
5x14 Multi Model 1930's NOB, Orig Strainer & Chopper Rims
4.5x14 Multi Model, 1920 NOB Orig Museum quality, Geo Way Calf
Batter head Internal electric heater, Orig Snares
2x13 1 Pc. Maple 1890's Vintage, Calf heads, all original
12x15 Parade Drum, 1944 Wood hoops orig. Strainer, Gut Snares
Custom Snares
3x14 Acrylic Piccolo, Leedy Lugs, DW strainer, RT Snares
8x14 Bell Brass, 12 Slingerland Lugs, Ludwig Die Cast Hoops
14x14 Trick Aluminum 1995 Pulverizer Custom
5x14 Acrolite '70's Olive Badge, Original P-85 Bonham type Tama
3.5x15 Kenny Arnoff -Track Master Piccolo EngravedNickle/Brass
3x12 Tama mini Piccolo COB Stick Saver Rims

Bass Drum Inventory:

LEEDY: (Depth x Diameter)
20x20 1949 with DW Cradle (floor tom conversion)
14x20 1960's Dual Tension Gibraltar Spurs
14x22 1950's Dual Tension Gibraltar Spurs
14x24 1940's Dual Tension Gibraltar Spurs
14x26 1940's Single Tension, Leedy Trap Spurs
14x26 1960's Dual Tension, Gibraltar Spurs (DW Woofer Mounts)
12x26 1950's Single Tension Parade set up as Woofer Bass Drum
14x28 1941 Single Tension, May Mics (EV & Shur) Trap Rail Spurs
14x28 1940's Dual Tension, Leedy Trap Rail, Gibraltar Spurs

Tom Inventory:

LEEDY: (Depth x Diameter)
8x12 1950's RIMS and May
8x12 1950's RIMS
10x13 1940's RIMS
10x14 1940's RIMS and May
12x15 1940's RIMS
16x16 1960's RIMS and May
16x16 1940's RIMS
16x18 1950's RIMS and May
20x20 1949 w/4 Legs or DW Cradle for BD use

I've always played Zildjian Cymbals. Most are '70 & 80's "A-Series" Brilliant finished cymbals. This is an approximate inventory listing.

Cymbal Inventory:

1- 24" Vintage Ping Ride
1- 21" Rock Ride
1- 22" China Low
1- 22" China High
1- 18" China Low
4 -19" Rock Crash
3 -18" Rock Crash
1 -17" Rock Crash
3 -18" Medium Crash
2 -16" Medium Crash
1 -10" Splash
1 -10" Splash
2pr. 14" Hats, one Rock one Medium
2pr. 15" Hats, one Rock one Medium
Effects Cymbals:
1 - 8" Paiste Effects splash
2 - LP Ice Bells, 1 Deep, 1 mini
1 - Funky old Farm Bell, aluminum
1 - 42" Wuhan Chau Gong (Leedy Branded)


The percussion inventory is constantly growing with new stuff added all the time - please ask me if you don't see what you're looking for.

Percussion Inventory:

I use DW pedals and DW Cymbal Stands along with RIMS mounting systems. I have a second set of Yamaha hardware that has sentimental value that was a gift from Carlos Vega that I use occasionally.


I have 2 complete set up's for drum monitoring whether live concert situations or studio recording; a loud-speaker system and an in-ear system.

Recently I've discovered in-ear monitors and the amazing "Butt Kicker" transducer for my drum throne which makes the big loud cumbersome monitors obsolete even in live playing situations. Lately I've been using the loudspeaker system simultaneously when recording several tracks, when the PA speakers are mic'd in a separate room they add a pretty impressive texture to the natural drums.

Electronics Inventory:

Sound reinforcement gear

Personal Monitors - self contained custom unit