Pulver-Approved - Endorsements

I'd like to use this page to thank these companies for making all this incredible equipment that I need to make music.

Here's a list of the finest drum gear MY money could buy. That's right; I don't have any Professional endorsements - YET! I use gear from these manufacturers and bought it because of quality, customer service and durability - not because it was FREE or because somebody is paying me to use their stuff. How's that for a Real PULVER Endorsement?

Leedy - Drums

DW - Hardware

Zildjian - Cymbals

LP - Percussion

Ahead/Easton - Sticks and Gloves


MAY - Microphones

Trick - Custom Drums

Alesis - Electronics

Butt Kicker - Monitors

Remo - Drum Heads

Aquarian - Vintage Drum Heads

Rhythm Tech - Snares/Percussion