I'm often asked who are my favorites or most influential or inspirational drummers that shaped my playing style. I watch and learn from everyone, so this is a really tough question, so to give you a list of the favorite drummers would be an insurmountable task because there is no end to the list.

Here's my "Top Ten" favorite Drummers (in no particular order) right off the top of my head, along with what I feel is the core emotion that I admire about their playing:

  • Denny Carmassi - Montrose, Sammy Hagar, Heart - Incredible Intensity

  • Phil Rudd - AC/DC - Powerful simplicity, always the right groove

  • Matt Abts - Gov't Mule - Deep Pocket with an undeniable feel

  • Tommy Lee - Motley Crue -Amazing consummate showman trailblazer

  • Ian Paice - Deep Purple - Blazing Technique, amazing hands and feet

  • John Bonham - Led Zeppelin - Wrote the book of rock drumming

  • Simon Kirk - Bad Company - Big Spaces soulful laidback pocket

  • Tony Thompson - Chic, Power Station - Thick Chunky funky powerhouse

  • Joey Kramer - Aerosmith - Unsung hero of Trademark rock drum licks

  • Craig Krampf - Nick Guilder, Kim Carnes- Joyful Performer tasteful unpredictable

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